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As far as I can tell, in the way of discussion forums IGNITe provides:
1. an electronic forum on the IGNITe site
2. a mailing list discussion group
3. and now, a nntp:// newsgroup.

Aren't all these things a bit redundant when any one of them will do?

Don't get me wrong -- full marks to IGNITe for trying to provide a good
service, but I think quality rather than quantity would be best. (I also
don't want to have to keep up with 2 forums all the time ;-))


Itzy Sabo

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IGNITe News Server on Line


Hi I would like to announce that the IGNITe News server is on line
sponsered by BugBusters the deveopers of
www.bugbusters.net ). The news server can be found at
news.ignite400.org and can be connected to by any capable news client.

If you can try it out and see if you can connect any problems please
send to webmaster@ignite400.org, this includes suggestions for groups

Again another product proving your AS/400 is more than just a green

Thanks Bleddyn

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