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A question or perhaps a request I would like to be able to set a service
such as SMTP to run on an INTERFACE when sending data out from the AS/400.
This actually goes along with the security issues. I know that I define a
service to come into a port so that ignite400.org will come in on from my DNS entries as will mail for IGNITE again from the

But when I send replies because I have multiple interfaces on the AS/400 the
SMTP will go from the Morpheus address 161. I would like my mail to go out
from 165 but I cant. I have then seen that mail servers trying to do an ack
at the other end want to respond to the port sending the mail which is 161.
Well 161 is not set in the firewall for any mail services. But I cant see a
way around this. Services such as TELNET, SMTP, FTP BOOTP TFTP will take an
interface on IPL from which to send OUTGOING requests. If you have multiple
interfaces you dont know which one this will be and if you add interfaces
and have a firewall you could get in a lot of trouble because suddenly
things will take that route out.

Can this PLEASE be changed so we define a service to an INTERFACE for
outbound traffic, does anyone know how other machines such as the RS or UNIX
boxes cope?

Thanks Bleddyn

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